Explore the Beautiful World of Cherry Blossom in Japan

Come visit the most beautiful Japan

during the cherry blossom season!

9 days 8 nights – $3,299

Tour Overview

Fully guided package tour just for you!

  • Come visit the most beautiful Japan during the cherry blossom season!
  • From modern skyscrapers to ancient temples, see Japan’s iconic sights in Japan, such as Tokyo, Kyoto, Mt. Fuji, and more.
  • Take a walk down to the traditional street of Asakusa, enjoy traditional Japanese cuisine… All these and more “only in Japan” experiences are fully included in this tour!
  • Travel along with a carefully crafted itinerary designed to showcase the country’s distinctive blend of carefully guarded tradition and cutting-edge modernity.
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Places to Visit



Japan’s capital Tokyo is one of the largest and most populous cities in the world. In this tour you will have a good balance of tours giving you in depth insight on Tokyo’s iconic sites, as well as free time to pursue the endless subcultures of the city, whether it be its cuisine, history, architecure, art, or popular culture. goldenroute_photo_city_imperialYou’ll stay in a grand hotel in one of the cities most cental locations, offering nearly endless dining, cultural, and shopping opportunities.

Hakone, Mt.Fuji

godentour_photo_fuji_sakuraThe gorgeous resort area Hakone is one of the best places to see Mt. Fuji. Although you’ve surely seen Mt. Fuji in photos and pictures, seeing it in person for the first time (weather permitting!) is truly a stunning experience. We will also see views of the volcanic Owakudani Valley from a panoramic ropeway.goldenroute_photo_city_lakeAshi


Kyoto is the religious and cultural heart of Japan, and with thousands of temples, shrines, gardens, natural wonders, and cuisine the exemplify the pinnacle of Japanese aesthetics. Bustling, modern streetscapes are juxtaposed with serene temples and Zen gardens, and geisha still hurry along to evening appointments. You’ll get a taste of it all in our tour through the city’s highlights.


godentour_nara_springNara was the capital of Japan from 710 to 794, and is home to some of the most ancient but grand suriving wooden structures in the world, whose scale would never suggest their great age.goldenroute_sm_todaiji We’ll see one of Japan’s most iconic Buddha’s at Todai-ji Temple and the seemingly endless series of beautiful lanterns at the Kasuga Taisha Shrine, and also visit the deer that roam freely around the Nara Deer Park.



No second candle to Tokyo, Osaka is a place to let loose and enjoy, full of bright lights and some of Japan’s best casual dining, offering a pleasant contrast to neighboring Kyoto. goldenroute_photo_city_dotonboriWarm people, rich culture, and opportunity for growth and change define Osaka, and we’ll get a taste for the city as the last destination of our tour.


Day 1 Tokyo
April 3rd
goldenroute_photo_city_tokyoWelcome to Japan! (Limousine Bus to Hotel in Tokyo)
An assistant will be waiting for you at the Airport to hand over the limousine bus tickets.

Day 2 Tokyo
April 4th
goldenroute_photo_chidorigafuchiTokyo full day Tour
After the breakfast at your hotel, meet with an English Speaking guide at the lobby

– Chidorigafuchi for Cherry Blossom(about 170 trees)

Day 3 Tokyo
April 5th
Free day in Tokyo
Explore Tokyo the way you want!We also offer additional one day tours to make your day more exciting!

For example,


Day 4 Tokyo-Mt. Fuji-Tokyo
April 6th
goldenroute_photo_city_bulletTokyo – Mt.Fuji – Tokyo
Mt.Fuji&Hakone Full day Tour. Visit the 5th station of Mt. Fuji. (If the road is still icy and we cannot go up to 5th station, we will instead visit Lake Kawaguchi and Oishi Park to enjoy the view of the Lake and Mt. Fuji.)

Day 5 Tokyo-Kyoto
April 7th
kiyomizuKyoto Tour: visit Nijo castle, Kiyomizu temple and Ninen-Sannenzaka shopping street then transfer to hotel for check in.

Day 6 Kyoto-Nara
April 8th
Meet with an English speaking guide at the lobby and start your full day tour of Nara and Kyoto by private coach.

Day 7 Kyoto-Osaka
April 9th
goldenroute_photo_city_kinkakujiAfter breakfast at your hotel, transfer to Osaka by shinkansen, day free for leisure after hotel check in.

Day 8 Osaka
April 10th
osaka_castleFree day in OsakaExplore Osaka to your liking! We offer unique experiences and one day tours!
(Ask us about making an optional arrangement for a day trip to Hiroshima)

Day 9 Osaka-Kansai Airport
April 11th
kixAfter breakfast at your hotel, check out and transfer to KIX Airport by Limousine Bus.
Goodbye! Your journey has come to an end but you don’t have to stop here. Contact us to extend your stay or for more tour options


mt_fujiIf you plan to extend your trip, we can also arrange your Hotel, Japan Rail Pass, Japan Air Pass, and Day Tours for all your travel needs.

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Japan Golden Route 2017 Spring Cherry Blossom Tour / 9 days 8 nights / April 3rd – 11th / $3,299

Golden Route Tour Summer 2017

Things to Do

Watch Morning Sumo Training
Take the rare opportunity to see a real training session and even meet and take a photo with professional sumo wrestlers.

07:00 – 10:00 AM USD77

Japanese Cooking Class
godentour_photo_cookingLearn how to make some authentic Japanese dishes in the friendly atmosphere of a private kitchen from a local.

Sushi Roll Course USD66 (participant under 16 must be with a parent)

Yakatabune Dinner Cruise
godentour_photo_boatEnjoy beautiful views from Tokyo Bay while dining on fine Japanese and enjoying unlimited alcohol aboard a traditional houseboat called “yakatabune.”

3:00 – 9:00 PM Adult : USD 110

Japanese Tea Ceremony

Hear a lecture about the principles of the Japanese tea ceremony and then try it for yourself, of course also drinking the tea which you create.

10:50 AM – 12:00 PM
Adult/Child(age+5) : USD 46